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Terms & Conditions

When bidding for the auction, the following conditions apply:


  1. The auction takes place voluntarily in the name and for the account of a third party. The form of auction is either a traditional hall auction or a public auction on the Internet. The way in which an item is auctioned can be found in the auction catalogue.


  1. Auctioning takes place in the order of catalogue numbering. If the catalogue photo erroneously shows a different position, the catalogue text is decisive. The auctioneer is entitled, if he deems it appropriate, to suspend or withdraw positions from the auction.


  1. All items to be auctioned are presented on large-format photos on the Internet. The items to be auctioned in the auction room can be viewed at the times indicated in the catalogue. During the inspection and auction every visitor is liable for any damage caused by him.


  1. The auctioneer reserves the right to exclude persons from the auction for special reasons.


  1. Catalogue descriptions are given with the greatest care and to the best of the auctioneer's knowledge and belief. They represent non-binding opinions and are not warranted characteristics within the meaning of §§ 459ff BGB. The items to be auctioned will be auctioned as shown or inspected.


  1. The call begins with the limit price specified in the catalogue (also known as the minimum price). These limit prices cannot be undercut. The auction will be held for amounts up to 100 € in 5 € steps, between 100 € and 1000 € in approx. 10% steps and over 1000 € in 100 € steps. However, the auctioneer is entitled to allow other rates of increase. In the case of Internet auctions, the specified bidding stages are published on the Internet.


  1. The bid will be accepted after the highest bid has been highlighted three times. If more than one person places an identical maximum bid, the decision will be made by lot. In the event of disagreement or if a higher bid has been overlooked, a new call will be made. With the knockdown, a purchase contract between the Consignor, represented by the Auctioneer, and the Auctioneer is concluded. After conclusion of the auction the buyer may find out the address of the consignor and the consignor the address of the buyer.


  1. The acceptance of the bid commits to immediate acceptance and immediate payment of the purchase price to the auctioneer.


  1. The purchase price consists of the hammer price and the buyer's premium of 18.9% plus the statutory VAT of 19% only on the buyer's premium (total 22.49%). For hall bidders, the entire amount is due immediately and must be paid in cash; for long-distance and Internet bidders within 10 days of the invoice date. Ownership is only transferred after full payment.


  1. If the buyer defaults on payment of the purchase price, he loses his rights from the knockdown. The lots can then be auctioned at his expense at one of the next auctions without further notice. In this case, the defaulting buyer is liable for a reduction in proceeds and for the costs of the repeated auction including the auction fees. He has no claim to any additional proceeds. The auctioneer is entitled to collect or sue for purchase money, arrears and/or ancillary services on behalf of the consignor.


  1. Complaints in case of purchase by remote or Internet bids are only possible with obvious false descriptions. They must be available to the auctioneer no later than 14 days after the auction. In the case of acknowledged complaints, the highest bidder is entitled to a full refund of the purchase price. Further claims are excluded. Items that are already described with defects cannot be complained about due to another defect. If a position consists of several models, this cannot be complained about due to minor defects of individual models.


  1. Written purchase requests (also called remote bids) must be submitted by the day before the auction. They are processed carefully, but without guarantee. The prices stated therein do not yet include surcharge and value added tax. The auctioneer treats long-distance bids in the interests of the bidder, i.e. highest long-distance bids are only used to the extent that they exceed the second highest bid by one bidding increment. In addition, the auctioneer undertakes to maintain silence on written bids until the bid is accepted.


  1. For long-distance and Internet providers, the packaging and shipping costs are invoiced as a lump sum. For shipments within Germany the costs are 10 €, within Europe 20 €, overseas on request. This already includes postage and insurance. Shipment is made by parcel post at the buyer's risk.


  1. The auctioneer may reject bids if no corresponding securities are submitted.


  1. The place of jurisdiction and performance for all parties involved is Cologne.


  1. By submitting a bid or submitting a written purchase request, the Auctioneer expressly accepts the Auction Terms and Conditions.


  1. Should one of the above conditions be wholly or partially invalid, all other conditions shall remain unaffected.


Important information about the catalogue texts


Names, catalogue numbers and catalogue values refer to references from the standard works

Carsten Saure: „Wiking-Handbuch der alten Modelle (2016)“, Auktionshaus Saure Selbstverlag

Mikado-Sammler-Editionen: „Siku-Edition Band 1 (2012)“, Rückerts Buchversand GmbH


Condition descriptions

With the greatest care we have carried out the condition descriptions of the models, well aware that many collectors among you have high quality demands. By classifying intact models in one of the four categories (as good as new, very good, good, moderate) you will receive further information about the condition of the auction pieces.


neuwertig = original state of sale without flaws

sehr gut = with slight signs of wear (e.g. worn wheels, corroded metal parts) or inconspicuous, production-related blemishes (e.g. small adhesive stain, small dent in the plastic caused by adhesive penetration)

gut = with signs of wear (e.g. several conspicuous scratches, strongly abutting edges) or very conspicuous, production-related blemishes (e.g. large adhesive stain, conspicuous adhesive dents)

mäßig = considerably recorded, but complete and without fractures or cracks


Corrosion on metal parts, production-related abnormalities and signs of wear on cartons are generally not mentioned separately. Percentages in the catalogue text indicate the degree of preservation of decals and prints. Price information for groups of items describes the catalog value of items. The section "2nd choice" allows a clear separation of models that are not originally painted, restored or damaged. This also includes all vehicles with non-standard cracks in the plastic or missing components. In individual cases, convolutes may also contain models with minor defects that were not noticed in the description.


General abbreviations


AZB = transfer

BP = base embossing

IE = interior furnishings

LR = steering wheel

o.Pl./m.Pl. = without tarpaulin / with tarpaulin

OPS = original price tag

Ork = original carton

OVP = original box


Abkürzungen bei Schiffsmodellen

R 0 = Original condition, without restoration

R 1 = minor restoration, e.g. minor paint defects repaired or mast replaced

R 2 = stronger restoration, e.g. large-area paint defects or several masts replaced (only visible on closer inspection)

R 3 = considerably restored (very obvious)